About Us

Named after my niece and nephew, James Mae was a clothing line I made in 2014. Since then, I have grown and wanted to "get the band back together" / do a re-launch that showed my growth personally, as well as with this brand.

I really wanted to create a line that embodied everything I have always loved about clothing. I live in graphic tees and I wanted something that represented both my personal style and the things that I love most. The James Mae Collection gives that classic 70s rock band tee feel and captures my essence. I also thought it would be fun to bring the show and some of our favorite sayings into the mix with the Reality Bites Collection. And of course, I couldn't leave out the Vegiholic blog, so that obviously got it's own selection of tees, as well.

I really hope you all love this and I can’t wait to see everyone rocking out in their James Mae.  Make these your go-to. Wear the hell out of it.

Peace, Wine, Rock & Roll